Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Useful Links to learn the WCF Programming:

The following links are useful to learn the WCF programming model:
Overview of WCF
1-      Introduction
2-      Best Practices: Data Contract Versioning
3-      Best Practices: Service Versioning
4-      Configuration-Based Activation in IIS and WAS
5-      Deploying an Internet Information Services-Hosted WCF Service
6-      Developing and Deploying WCF Data Services
7-      WCF and TFS 2008 Build Deployment

8-      http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa663324.aspx
10-   The .net Framework Developer center, central resource for all things WCF
11-   WCF 3.5 samples
12-   WCF 4.0 samples
13-   WCF screencasts
14-   .Net endpoint blog about WCF and WF development, deployment, and managementhttp://blogs.msdn.com/endpoint/
15-   Bug report/ Feature request/ Feedback to the product team
16-   Detailed debugging using WCF tracing
From Code Project
From C# Learners
21-   What makes WCF so unique?
From 15 Seconds
From C# Corner
From CodePlex
28-   Detailed WCF security guidance

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good collection...it's really works for WCF study.