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What's new in Angular 2 ?

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10 Reasons that Make MySQL the First Choice for Web

10 Reasons that Make MySQL the First Choice for Web 2.0 Applications on Different Platforms
When it comes to choose a database server, I suggest going for MySQL because it not only is reliable, but it also delivers efficient performance and scalability to its millions of users across the globe. In fact, many top-level and emerging companies today prefer using MySQL to create and manage databases for different applications, including their own employee management system. Moreover, they rely on MySQL as a crucial piece of their infrastructure that delivers reliability within their own technology stack.
The major features of MySQL database engine that draw companies towards itself could be the ease of usage, less ownership and management cost, reliability, flexibility, and most importantly, they do not have to compromise with the performance factor. Besides, this databases server features support for web-based applications. Along with these, mentioned below are 10 amazing features of MySQL to be the most preferred with Web 2.0 applications:

Database Flexibility and Scalability
Database scalability and Reliability are two most important features of MySQL database server, which make it support high capacity of databases and provide the capability to manage a range of embedded applications with a trace of only 1MB to massive data warehouses, storing huge amount of data (typically in terabytes).  Along with this, MySQL Database Server is flexible, and therefore can be used on a variety of OSes, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Macintosh. The Open Source nature of MySQL database engine allows users add new requirements, thereby providing complete customization as the unique feature.

High Performance
One of the most significant features of MySQL Server is its high-performance, which is unique. In other words, the efficient and unique storage-engine architecture of MySQL enables database professionals to set up MySQL server in their own style, and then use it with specific applications. Besides, they get amazingly high-performance and surprising results. While using MySQL, you actually realize that this database server is efficient enough to fulfill the demands of any application system, irrespective of whether the application is based on a high-speed transactional processing system or a high-volume website providing its services to more than a billion queries every day.

High Availability
Along with high performance, another impressive factor of MySQL database server is its high availability that enables consumers to rely on the guarantee it takes for database performance. Such a high-availability of MySQL Server is all the way due to the high-speed master/slave replication configurations that specialize in cluster servers that offer immediate fail over to all its vendors. The databases created in MySQL Server are quite portable and can be Imported/Exported for the similar applications running on different platforms, such as Linux, UNIX, and Macintosh.

Robust Transactional Support
When compared to other database servers, we found out that MySQL is one of the best and the most powerful database engines available in the market today and is full of features like atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability, and other crucial features, including ‘transactional support’, ‘distribution transaction capacity’, ‘unlimited row-level locking’, and ‘multi-version transaction support’. Besides, this database server provides full data integrity through ‘instant deadlock detection’, ‘server-enforced referential integrity, and ‘specialized transaction isolated levels’.

Strong Data Protection
In addition to database creation, guarding the database is another job that database professionals must perform. MySQL features exceptionally high security that makes the databases experience highly secure. MySQL ensures that only the authorized users get an entry to the server for which it implements a powerful security mechanism to authenticate the authorized users. Besides, it blocks down those who are unauthorized to access the server. MySQL implements SSH and SSL levels of security to keep the databases safe.

Web and Warehouse Strengths
MySQL features significantly faster data insertion capabilities and high-performance query engine along with a much stronger support for all specialized web functions (e.g. fast full text searches), which make MySQL a real standard for high-traffic websites. Likewise, the similar features and strengths are also applicable to typical data warehouses storing terabytes of data.
In fact, the real strength of MySQL server are the features like B-tree and hash indexes, main memory tables, and compressed archive tables that as a whole minimize the storage requirements by a factor of 80 percent and make it the best database engine for both business and web-based applications.

Comprehensive Application Development
Comprehensive application development is the most important feature of MySQL that makes it the first choice for application development in corporate. Since it is one amongst the most popular open-source database engines available today, it satisfies the needs for application development in every aspect. In addition, the support for requirements, such as triggers, stored procedures, cursors, functions, views, and more is also available within the database engine. This database server also includes features like support for connectors as well as drivers (i.e. JDBC and ODBC), which enables the forms created in multiple applications use MySQL as an efficient database management server.

Ease of Management
The quick-start ability of MySQL Server is exceptionally well and the average time it takes is even lesser than the applications take to download and install, and the same is applicable for every platform (i.e. Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac) it supports. Along with the database server, there is a complete suite of graphical management and migration tools provided for managing and troubleshooting almost all the issues encountered.

Lowest Ownership Cost
Upgrading to MySQL Ownership for already running projects is undoubtedly in your favor from every single aspect and organizations are migrating to MySQL from their current database-drive applications at a rapid rate. In fact, this is all due to the scale-out architecture of MySQL Server that utilizes low-cost hardware components and the companies are finding themselves achieving high-performance and an amazing level of scalability.

24x7 Support
MySQL AB is behind the services and support provided to the consumers across the globe, as MySQL is not a typical open source project. This also leads to the availability of a unique cost and support model, which provides a sole mixture of open source freedom and authorized software with 24x7 supports.

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