Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JavaScript Questions with Answers

1.First Application Using JavaScript(Answer) 
2.How to access a URL of parent page in ASP. net.(Answer) 
3.How to Remove href links on page at the run-time in ASP .net.(Answer) 
4.Prompt Box in JavaScript (Answer
5.Special Character in JavaScript(Answer
6.How to show Day of Week(Answer
7.Confirm Box in JavaScript(Answer
8.How To validate a Form in ASP.Net(Answer
9.eval() and floor() method(Answer
10.join() isNAN() method(Answer
11.Methods in JavaScript(Answer
12.JavaScript Loops(Answer
13.JavaScript Continue and Break Statements(Answer) 
14.Math, String, Number Object Methods(Answer) 
15.createTextNode() Method(Answer
16.blure() and assign() Method(Answer
17.link() Method in JavaScript(Answer
18.createPopup() and open() Method(Answer
19.blink() Method(Answer
20.print() Method(Answer
21.Sending email using JavaScript(Answer
22.Measuring users time on a page(Answer
23.Digital clock in the status line(Answer) 
24.sup() and sort() Method(Answer
25.Calculator in JavaScript (Answer) 
26.Image Upload Control(Answer
27.Show the Clock on Button(Answer
28.Show popup window onMouseOver(Answer
29.Cookie in JavaScript(Answer
30.Selecting a item from Drop Down List and display it another Text Box(Answer) 
31.Increases and decreases the size of image(Answer) 
32.Create a Popup using JavaScript(Answer) 
33.Generate Unicode(Answer) 
34.Disabling Right Click button of mouse(Answer) 
35.Creating a Animated frame(Answer) 
36.Collapse (Tree) JavaScript Menu(Answer) 
37.Last Modify Page(Answer) 
38.Setting the home page(Answer) 
39.Change back Ground Color onMouseOver using JavaScript(Answer) 
40.How to create a field's max length(Answer) 
41.Selecting whole text on button Click(Answer) 
42.Status Bar Message(Answer) 
43.Monitor Information(Answer) 
44.pow() Method in JavaScript(Answer)
45.slice() Method in JavaScript(Answer)

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